The 5 Different Ways to Use Organic Mustard Oil

Jan 25 , 2022

Rahul Shrivastava

The 5 Different Ways to Use Organic Mustard Oil

With people being more aware of how they should eat healthy to stay healthy, the demand for organic products has risen in recent years. Hello Organikk, is one of the best sites in Pune for organic products, delivering to your doorsteps with just one click. They have a wide range of organic products to cater to your taste and needs. One of their most wanted organic product is their Mustard Oil.

Mustard oil is versatile and used in many parts of the world. It is popularly known as Sarson ka Tel in India and is a key ingredient found in every kitchen. Mustard oil has a strong flavor and enhances the taste of several dishes. Not only that, it also has numerous health benefits.

Mustard oil is reddish-brown or amber in color and is known for its strong smell and pungent sharp flavor. The pungency of mustard oil is due to the presence of allyl isothiocyanate. This fatty vegetable oil is obtained by pressing mustard seeds.

You can use Organic Mustard Oil Online in various ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of these ways are:

  • Effective Massage Oil: Massage in infancy with mustard oil improves growth and post-massage sleep. Massage with mustard oil improves the weight, length, and midarm and midleg circumferences as compared to infants without massage.
  • Promotes Oral Health: Mustard oil helps strengthen your gums and makes it easier to remove plaque. Plaque is generally formed due to bacteria that are surrounded by fatty membranes. Swishing mustard oil in our mouth can help loosen the fat-soluble bacteria and further avoid gum bleeding.
  • Amazing Hair: Mustard oil contains alpha fatty acids that keep our hair hydrated, lively and help them to grow faster. Mustard oil is also a rich source of antioxidants, minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium, and vitamins like A, D, E, and K, all of which are important for hair growth.
  • Good for Our Skin: Mustard oil is rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids. This reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to remove tan from the skin. Mustard oil also works wonders if you have chapped lips.
  • Used as a Mosquito Repellent: The pungent and strong smell of mustard oil makes it a natural mosquito repellent. Rub a few drops of mustard oil on the skin and drive mosquitoes away.

Various other benefits of Mustard oil are:

  1. Mustard oil can be used for cooking and frying food. In this way, it boosts immunity and is good for our heart and diabetics.
  2. It acts as a preservative when added to pickles and chutneys.
  3. To clear our respiratory system from congestion, inhale steam containing mustard oil.
  4. Massage our feet and chest with a mixture of mustard oil, garlic, and Ajwain to get relief from cold and cough.
  5. A mixture of mustard oil and coconut oil can be used to massage our entire body.

With so many benefits, Mustard oil is, without doubt, a good alternative to switch to. It makes your lifestyle a lot healthier, strengthening your immune system and helping you lead a better life.